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Holistic alternatives for wound care -only $6.99

Great to connect with another passionate horse lover wanting the best for their horse.

My Horse 101 book will give you a few good chuckles as well as ‘AHA’ moments on why our horses are the way they are and what you can do about it.

Horse 102 is next in the series Holistic Alternatives can be found on Amazon


April Love Founder Horse Healers Academy and Holistic Horseworks

www.HorseHealersAcademy.com also check out https://www.healyworld.net/en/partner/Balanceenergetics

My 5 step horse yoga has fantastic results and is a diagnostic tool to see where your horse has body issues. We teach you how to quickly release these body issues in Home Study Programs as well as Hands-on 3-day classes you will find on our website.